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Our primary ministry focus is teaching the body of Christ on how to conduct personal evangelism.

We do this by practical classroom teaching and on- the-job training.We believe that every person is a minister to bring forth ministry.The preaching you will experience is never water down or cut but it is straight gospel, practical, and easy to understand.Our worship is dynamic at every service. Once you experience our service you will never be the same


Meet Our Overseer

The Pastor of Christian House of Prayer Killeen, TX


Meet Our Pastors



Pastor Carlos Keith is a native of Philadelphia, Pa. He was saved on 2 June 1974 and called to the ministry in October 1981. He is an Army veteran with over 40 years of active federal service.He has spent over half of his life ministering to people of all faiths. His military career has allowed him the opportunity to minister in places such as Greece, Germany, Bosnia, Korea, Africa, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and in various places in the United States. He has held key leadership positions in the body of Christ such as, Pastor and Founder of Deliverance Temple, El Paso, Texas, church administrator, and Deputy Coordinator for the Churches of God in Christ in Korea. He has a Masters in Biblical Studies from Rockdale, Texas and a Masters in Logistics Management from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). He is a licensed and ordained elder with the Covenant Connection under the spiritual covering and leadership of Apostle Nathaniel Holcomb of Killeen Texas. Pastor Keith currently resides in Augusta, Georgia where he is the Pastor and Founder of New Horizon Outreach Ministry. He has been married to Patrice Keith for thirty-three years. They have two children, Katrina and Nathaniel.


Pastor Patrice is a native of El Paso, Texas. She specializes in the ministry of music. She is also a licensed minister with the Covenant Connections International under the leadership of Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb of Killeen Texas. Pastor Patrice graduated from Speak the Word Ministry in Killeen and earned a Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies from Rockdale Texas. She is a highly anointed worship leader who allows God to use her. Pastor Patrice is the worship leader and also the church administrator for New Horizon Outreach Ministry. Our Co-Pastor is one of a kind. She is joyful, down to earth, and filled with excitement and enthusiasm. She is a diligent and hard working Co-Pastor. Married to the same man for over 33 years, she strongly believes in the family and team ministry. We are godly proud to have her as our Co-Pastor.

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