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Sonship School of the Firstborn ENROLLMENT APPLICATION



Marital Status


Do you plan to enroll in any other educational pursuit before completing SSOTFB?

Tuition Payment Agreement


Full tuition and Fees $1500

I am applying for admission to the Sonship School of the Firstborn – New Horizon.  I understand the SSTOFB-NHOM will provide me with an opportunity to complete the combination of independent studies curricula, classroom lectures, and outside assignments.  Through independent studies, selected readings, examinations, and written assignments, I, upon successful completion of the program, will be able to acquire a Certificate of Diploma from Sonship School of the Firstborn.


Prepayment of the balance is recommended.  However, I am unable to pay the full cost of my tuition and fees upon registration.  I request that SSTOFB-NHOM allow me to participate in the deferred payment plan.  I agree to make the following payments as projected:


Payment 1: $350.00 Due January 6 / Initial Deposit, Registration Fees, 1st Set of Books 

Payment 2: $230.00 NLT Mar 1, 2024

Payment 3: $230.00 NLT April 1, 2024

Payment 4: $230.00 NLT May 1, 2024

Payment 5: $230.00 NLT June 1, 2024

Payment 6: $230.00 NLT July 1, 2024


I understand that the balance must be paid IN FULL and on time according to the agreed-upon payment plan above for me to remain an active student of SSTOFB-NHOM.  The above payment schedule represents tuition, fees, textbooks, study aids, graduation robe, and silver class ring.  Graduation pictures are not mandatory but can be purchased at additional costs.  NO Refunds once classes begin on February 12, 2024


Payments can be submitted via CashApp to $NHOMsonship.   Please see one of the sonship administrators for payments and financial questions. Apostle Keith will not take your payments.

Thanks for Enrolling in Sonship School of the Firstborn

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